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  • How to Play Drum & Rhythm and Teach the Children. Level 1
  • How to play Djembe, Drums & Rhythm. Level 2
  • Learn how to play with Voice, Body & Rhythm
  • Drum Meditation
  • The Power of Feeling Good / And more...

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Drum & Rhythm Level 1

Play Djembe, Drum & Rhythm and Teach Children too. Develop a playful relationship with , drum, rhythm or any instrument.

Drum & Rhythm Level 2

This is Zikalo Method. The magic of playfulness! Zikalo Method is about developing a playful relationship with drum and rhythm, music in general. In my village in Côte D'Ivoire - west Africa where I grew up, the word Zikalo means music where “everybody joins in”. In this course you will learn drumming patterns and phrases. Not only that I will teach you the rhythms with drum, we will also like you to move, sing, and clap the rhythms so that your whole body absorb them.

Drum & Rhythm Level 3


Learn how to be combine Rhythm, Vocal & Body-Movement

Learn how to combine your Voice and Body with Rhythm to unlock the power of feeling good.

Drum Meditation

How to Play Djembe, Drum & Rhythm and Meditate

The Power of Feeling Good

When you feel good, you open the door for positive energy to reach you. And that is everything. You become unstoppable.